Sunday, July 12, 2009

Like A Bird

His gift to us
reminding to be true
he sent her to visit
all day thru

Our window she'd perch
brightest of blue
and full of song
seeming just for you

Whether keeping an eye
or staying close by
the flutter of her wings
would capture our eye

To the window we were called
by the sweetness of her song
she'd soften our thoughts
for what we longed

Like a bird your name
came to me
and settled softly
into thee
Ava Meiying, yes, yes you shall be

Ava means like a bird...Since coming home from China with Eliza in 2006, there's been a bluebird who visits Eliza's window every day. I always tried to get a photo of it, but never could. Eliza knows the sound of it's tiny landing on her screen and will run to the window to see it. Some time this spring, the same bird started landing on the window in our master bath, always when I was in the view of the window. I used to tell Eliza that it was her chinese grandparent visiting to watch over her, but began pondering a different purpose for our little bluebird when it began visiting me. An angel, a messenger from God, some days I'd tell her. I wrote this poem when I was thinking about a name for Meiying and what the message of this bird could be.

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