Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We decided to adopt another mature horse rather than put the burden of a pasture mate on the whims of a boarder. So, meet Deba. She's a 24 yo registered quarter horse. Retired after 12 years as a therapeutic riding horse and lesson horse. She is completely sound and rideable at all gates. Truth-be-told, she is what Clark was; a safe horse that can be ridden bareback and bitless if you want too. I love the old horses. They appreciate you and usually will tote you around for a simple treat of an apple or carrot. They like getting brushed, will stand quietly, and nothing phases them. So, the 2 old girls are getting along fabulously. Allie has a horse to ride again and all is well in our world again!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another whim indulged: I call this the Angel Kisses hat. I used an Alpaca yarn with a few rows of Fun Fir blended in at the brim. It can be worn with the brim pulled down or folded up for the smaller head. It's a luscious baby pink color and is soft, soft, soft. I loved photographing this! Doesn't it just look so girly-girl? You can see my little Eliza modeling it at the other blog: http://eisforeliza.blogspot.com

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sweet Miss Georgie-Girl

Do you remember that picture? Well, HE is leaving...relocating to another barn. SHE will be happy to see him go! She IS almost 20 years older then him...Sweet Georgie is tired...he was a lot of horse for her...ha,ha,ha! (...hmmm, possibly my new saying when I'm too tired! Imagine when Eliza is being whiney: Eliza, you're just too much horse for mommy right now!) Anyway, so now the search is on, this time for an older boarder to come and be a pasture mate. She won't miss him, but she won't like being alone either. I always dread transition time with horses, both departures and new arrivals. Sweet Miss Georgie-Girl.

...So, while that picture was being taken of the two of them, these two were faithfully waiting for me at the back gate. Fortunately, HE is not a lot of dog for HER!