Thursday, May 28, 2009

"We're" going on an egg hunt!! Where or where has Emma been laying? She always layed her eggs up by the house and would coo-and-cackle to me when she was done. Ever since this little kitty came along, I've seen Emma wandering on the back property line, following this little kitty no doubt.

Well, Emma's been missing for 24 hours and I was imagining the worst (neighbor's dogs, a hawk...) So, when I realized that this little kitty was sleeping on the front porch and still no sight of Emma, after getting the kids off to school this morning, I set out to find her. With cats in tow and horses and dogs all curious...I began walking the farm.

Finding all sorts of discoveries, but still no Emma... I discovered that for the first year, we have bluebirds nesting in the bluebird house...that someone has been stealing the bluebird eggs...that the sparrow eggs have hatched and there's babies in their house...that amazingly, the turtles haven't eaten all the goslings yet...

Then, much to my surprise, I found Emma and 14 eggs!!! (She only let me collect half of them before getting annoyed that I was interrupting her.) Turns out, she had a made a nice bed for herself in the tractor shed on some old hay. In six years, she has NEVER been down to the tractor shed. Something tells me this is where kitty comes to sleep too so I'll probably be back down here to search for some kittens pretty soon. Well, I was relieved and will be happy to start eating fresh eggs again and I enjoyed a scenic walk of the farm this morning too!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

When my husband complains about the mess a chicken can make, I now have proof that at least some of the mess is re-usable! Have you ever watched a bird build a nest? Isn't it amazing what they find to use.

Hogan is a year and half old now. He is the most handsome Golden boy and has the same easy-going temperament as our sweet, old Meg had. It's uncanny some days, he reminds me so much of her and that's a very good thing. He does like to dig holes in the yard though and that's a very bad thing...especially when you twist your ankle or get bucked off the lawn mower from one of those holes.

Oh has it rained here, but the beautiful colors that are popping warm the soul and make the rain less dreary.