Monday, March 30, 2009

Meet, our version of The Odd Couple... Can you imagine, Emma, our last remaining hen, and the stray kitty that showed up back before Halloween, have become companions. I've been trying to get some videos of the two of them because it's so amazing to watch. I've posted to Eliza's blog about the Emma and Ginger-kitty show that I get to watch every morning so you can link over to that blog and read about it if you want. That's a different story; read on here...

The first day that the kitty arrived, she was obviously following her mama-cat. Mama-cat is feral and took off when I opened the door. Well, the little kitty just hid behind the chair and never followed her mother. So, I think she just chose Emma-hen as her mama-cat from that day forward. Understand that even though kitty will faithfully be waiting for a saucer of milk every morning and hangs out with Emma, she will not let any of us get close enough to pet her. Emma, on the other hand, eats out of my hand, comes when I call her. In fact, a friend was over and we were standing on our front porch chatting away. Up Emma came and decided to roost in the sun, right between us, like she was part of the conversation. She sat there making cooing noises at us. She's that tamed.

Emma is used to all our cats. I have a photo from 2005 of her roosting on a bench between two cats and leaving an egg for us. She eats catfood and drinks from their water bowl and they're all used to her waiting in line behind them. But if any of them try to purr and rub up against her, she walks away. Amazingly, she'll let the kitty...That kitty rubs up her side, under her neck, scoots along after her. Ironically, kitty is the color of Emma's previous companion (another hen) named Hannah. Hannah passed away of old age shortly before kitty showed up (maybe a month before?). It makes you think about reincarnation, I'll tell ya. These two roost together, graze and pal around all day together. They're just simply the Odd Couple. It's so funny to watch. So, I've been promising my friend Judy that I would try to capture some of it on a video. Here's two to enjoy.